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All CL Photography prints are produced at professional photo finishing labs and printed on archival quality paper. Prints are available in all standard sizes, as well as custom sizes up to 20 x 30 depending on the image. All prints are available to be ordered with or without lamination.

Pricing for standard size prints is as follows:


Print Price

4 x 6 $5
5 x 7 $10
8 x 10 $20
11 x 14 $40
20 x 24 $80
20 x 30 $90

Custom size pricing is available upon request.  Please contact CL Photography to inquire on availability and pricing.

Digital Images


Full resolution digital images are available on an individual event basis.  If you are interested in digital images from more than one event, please contact CL Photography to discuss options.  Digital images are provided on Fujifilm CD-R for Photo CDs for optimum storage life.


Pricing for full resolution digital images is as follows:


Number of Images


1st image $20
2nd - 5th images $7.50 each
6th+ images $5 each



Number of Images Price
1 $20.00
2 $27.50
3 $35.00
4 $42.50
5 $50.00
6 $55.00
7 $60.00
8 $65.00
9 $70.00
10 $75.00


If you wish to purchase digital images from CL Photography, please choose the images from the event gallery and record the file name located directly beneath the photo.  Then use the contact page or e-mail CL Photography directly with the images you wish to purchase.  Your order will then be confirmed via e-mail along with shipping and payment details.

Personalized Print Products

Personalized print products can be created on request using one or more photos. These products are available from 8 x 10 to 20 x 30 depending on the image(s) selected and may be ordered with or without lamination. Please see the following links for samples of poster products available.

1) Team or Club Poster (20 x 32 - Other sizes available) - sample

2) Individual (20 x 30 - Other sizes available) - sample

3) Multiple Images (12 x 30 - Other sizes available) - sample

Pricing for standard personalized print products is as follows:


Print Only

Print with Lamination

12 x 30 $75 $115
20 x 30 $75 $120
20 x 32 $75 $120

Please contact CL Photography with your request for any custom personalized print products and we will be happy to provide you with a price.


CL Photography is available to be booked for events in the New Brunswick area. Please contact CL Photography to inquire about availability and any applicable fees.


The CL Photography website provides the ability to order photos online.  From the Event Galleries page, simply select the appropriate event gallery.  Once you find a photo in the event gallery that you wish to order, place a check in the box next to the size(s) you wish to order and choose a quantity.  Click the "Add to cart" button below the order form and the photo will be added to your shopping cart.  Feel free to continue to browse and add other photos to your shopping cart.  Once you are finished, click on the "Check out" button and you will be presented with a list of all photos in your shopping cart.  At this point you will be able to adjust your order if necessary or complete the check out process.


All orders placed through the CL Photography website will be confirmed via e-mail before the order is submitted for printing. It is our intention that orders are ready within one week of the date they were submitted. Lamination can add up to one week in addition to the printing time.


Orders are available to be shipped for a small fee added at check out time. You may also arrange pickup or delivery of your orders in the Fredericton area. Please specify your preference when placing your order. Shipping arrangements on laminated products will be discussed at the time your order is confirmed.


Payments may be made via cheque to the address listed at Check out time. Arrangements will be outlined when your order is confirmed and are dependent on the delivery method chosen.


CL Photography is committed to providing high quality products to be valued by you for many years. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product purchased from CL Photography please contact us for resolution and/or refund.



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